© Peter Franc



Location: Bulgaria

Photographs pulled out of the article 'Buzludzha' self-published on Medium.


Location: Ukraine

Photographs taken near Chernobyl, published in various articles online.

Power Plant IM

Location: Belgium

Series of photographs taken in a single visit to the disused Electrabel Power Plant.


Location: Australia

An album of photographs taken using the DJI Phantom drone.


Location: Various

The Desolace series is an on-going exploration of various landforms around the planet.


Location: Various

The Monumental series captures a style of futurist architecture predominantly found in ex-Communist countries.

65000km: Portraits

Beautiful and sophisticated, modern travel portraiture often presents local people in a fantastical aura, models in their own right. But what of the normal people - ones like you and I? "65000km" apprehends a sense of honesty, and celebrates the diversity of humanity. Facial features are dictated not by country borders, but geographic considerations - the true dividers of how people spread across the continents. One photo of a man and one photo of a woman was taken in each country on a journey between London and Sydney. The result are a series of candid portraits which traverse our planet, connected like string, tens of thousands of miles long. This project is nearing completion and will be ready for presentation soon.