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A world-wide explorer whose images aim to delight, enchant, and leave a sense of breathlessness and wonder.

Peter is a self-taught photographer attracted to graphic compositions found in nature. Through landscape and travel photography he hopes to inspire others and heighten appreciation for our extraordinary planet.

In April 2015, Peter abandoned his rainy London home of almost six years, filled his backpack with a few shirts, flip-flops and camera gear, and travelled overland to his home of sunny Australia.

Peter is now busy working on many new photography projects, while exploring Sydney with his wife, and continuing his search for the perfect Short Black (no sugar).

Some things never change.

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For all inquiries including licensing images and video for commercial, editorial, personal, stock, or photography assignment please send an email with your request. Peter will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

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Photography from this website can be used for personal use like desktop wallpapers but for any commercial use please contact to discuss licensing options. e.g. If you are a regular person and want to use a photo in your blog, Facebook, Google+, tumblr, etc. as a background or decoration, that is ok.

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