Black Rock City

Burning Man Festival is an annual gathering of people held in the Nevada desert. Through a set of principles such as decommodification, self-reliance, gifting, communal effort and 'leaving no trace’, the-week long event explores what it means to be a ‘community’ through ’radical self-expression’. A large wooden effigy, ‘The Man’ is burned, concluding the event.

The concept of progression through transformation is prevalent at Burning Man. An awareness of the elements intertwine the myriad of physical and spiritual adventures which individuals embark on. Many people leave with a fanatical energy, catapulting them through the next months of their re-assimilation with the regular world.

The spirit of Burning Man provides a vehicle for these journeys to occur and although a journey is deeply personal and unique, they are shared across the community; the journey of one, and thousands.